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(I’m Jennifer by the way, but you can call me Jenni)

I’m a hopeless romantic and travel enthusiast. I want to see as much of the world as I can and I want to share all of my stories, experiences and general happenings from around the globe with ….well, whoever wants to listen really!

At the start of April 2016 I jumped on a one way flight, bringing me from my home country England, to Kathmandu in Nepal. I’ve since; trekked to Everest Base Camp, cycled, and motorbiked, my way around India (okay, I was on the back of the motorbike…but still! 😉 ). I’ve revisited old friends in Turkey, a country I feel at home in, and I have travelled across southern and eastern Africa; from Cape Town to Nairobi, overland as a solo traveller. I’ve racked up eight new countries to add to the list, have been surrounded by incredible new landscapes, and have encountered a hundred new people. Some of them I am now able to call my friends. To say it’s been an adventure is an understatement. Click here to read MORE ABOUT ME




What Does 2017 Look Like For Me?

Make a Difference  •  Hike More  •  Wedding Shinnanigans  •  Snowball Fight  •  Trans Siberian   

0191acff1c3663ab034c02fa222a8c4d9a72155ce8-3It’s that time of year again folks where we start to think about what the next twelve months might look like for us. I love this time of year because it makes me feel reflective for the year I’ve just had; grateful for the good bits and wiser for the bits I probably wouldn’t want to repeat again, and optimistic for the year ahead. Click here to read more about the ideas and new plans I have for a new year…. 



Trekking the Himalayas


Fancy a trek in the Nepalese Himalayas? Everest, Annapurna? Some of the most incredible mountains in the world and accessible by teahouse trails allowing us to walk side by side with them. It’s an experience that will change your world and will stay with you forever and I would love to be the person to help you realise that dream. Check out how you too can trek the Himalayas….


Brother Vs Sister

If you don’t know what Brother Vs Sister is yet…WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN??? Okay okay I know some of you are here for the first time (thank you for visiting by the way), so a quick sum up is that it’s a competition between me and my older brother to see who can visit the most amount of countries before we each turn 35.

So here are the stats for 2017:

img_8745-2The Sister

  • EUROPE: Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany (3)
  • AFRICA: Botswana, Zimbabwe (2)

5 new countries in 2017

img_8987-2The Brother

  • EUROPE: Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia (3)

3 new countries for 2017




This year marks the end of Sean’s game, he is officially over the metaphoric hill! Click here to check out his final stats and what I need to achieve in the next year in order to beat the boy…