Brother vs Sister: What counts as a country visited?

So me and Sean have gone back and forth trying to agree with what counts as a country visited and what doesn’t. We’ve decided that semi-autonomous countries count (she says through gritted teeth) and that you don’t have to spend a night in a country to make it count. To simply spend enough time to get a feel for the country and to have interacted with it is enough.

But there are lots of different scenarios that sit on the fence of these guidelines and so I wanted to get some outside opinions on what you think might count and what you think doesn’t. Has anyone had a fly by visit into a country that would make you say ‘yes I’ve been to such and such county?’ or have you been somewhere that you couldn’t quite bring yourself to say that you’ve visited the country even though technically your feet have touched their soul?

Different examples could be:

  • Long connections between flights: Can you simply leave the airport, have a walk around and a bite to eat or a beer and that be enough?
  • Cruising: Is a cruise stop off enough to be considered having visited this country?
  • Crossing borders: eg. crossing a border to simply get an alternative view of a landmark (Brazil/Argentina Iguazu Falls) or to cross a border to drive through a section simply to drive back out again? Is having a stamp in a passport enough?

Can there be a way of making any of these or any other examples that you might have count as a country visited?

We would both love your feedback either on this Facebook or Twitter post or under comments on this blog please – anything that goes more in my favour and less in Sean’s will be highly regarded 🙂 At the end of this competition I want Sean to look like this…..

and me to look like this ………….

Thanks x


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