Indochina here we come!

So excited to say that it is now officially less than one month before I head out east for a couple of weeks around Indochina! In-fact as I write this it is probably one month to the hour until I arrive at my complimentary (yes this is a fancy way of saying FREE) hotel for our first night in Phnom Penh – I have been lucky enough to secure a night at the ‘Raffles Hotel Le Royal’ for myself and my friend to start our trip with a bang.

Now they say that usually if you’re going to indulge in a little luxury to always do so at the end of your trip, saving the best for last – for us we are doing it in reserve. At present we have absolutely no idea where we are going to stay after checking out of Raffles, but we have an idea of the places and direction we want to head in and the rest, as they say, should look after itself. I’m anticipating guest houses and beach huts, maybe even a hammock for a night somewhere along our journey, who knows!

Not quite the tropical ‘hammock on a beach’ image but this hammock was once my bed for a month and it was probably some of the best nights sleep I’ve had! Lamandau, Kalimantan, Borneo – 2008

The idea is to see some of the sights throughout Cambodia including Angkor Wat, Battambang for its bamboo trains and Sihanoukville for its beaches. We’ll also cross the boarder into Laos for a few nights around 4000 islands. Unfortunately we won’t have time to venture further into Laos but it will be nice to see part of the country. Potentially we may head down the Mekong from Phnom Penh into Vietnam and take a trip to the Cu Chi tunnels but we need to discuss whether we’ll have time for this. I’ve seen a speedboat company called ‘Blue Cruiser’ who can take us from Phnom Penh, across the boarder into Chau Doc. From here we can make our way overland to the tunnels.

Has anyone heard of or used the Blue Cruiser before? Any advice on this?

As you can tell we haven’t got much organised, but some of the best adventures are ones built from spontaneity, and although we will have to have a little itinerary planned, I think we would both like to keep the foundations of this trip based with that in mind.

Whatever we end up doing I will keep you up to date with our whereabouts by sharing our adventures and misadventures on my blog. Can’t wait!

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