Today someone asked me…..

“Where has been your favourite place you’ve ever visited?”


They continued with their question by clarifying the limits in which I was allowed to answer by….

“It doesn’t have to be an entire country, it could be an experience or even just a moment, something or somewhere that stands out in your head.”

Gah! What a question – how on earth am I meant to answer!

Immediately dozens of images are running around my head. My mind is desperately digging through the photo album of my memory, trying to think of that one perfect place.

There is one – one that stands prominent against all the others. Every time I try and think of a new one this memory comes back and bumps it away with its elbow.

“It has to be Champagne Ridge,” I reply.


They looked at me confused, wondering where this place could be.

I began to explain that it is an area overlooking a section of the Great Rift Valley of Africa, that runs through Kenya, jut a short couple of hours drive from the capital Nairobi. I explained how we had hired a cabin here for a night, and I furthered my statement to say how I really hadn’t anticipated on the way this place would leave me feeling.

The balcony sat dramatically over the edge of the valley, and offered views that expanded as far and as wide as the earth would stretch. We were able to watch the last slither of sun disappear into the horizon from that balcony, which we did, whilst listening to music and enjoying some drinks.

I continued with my reminiscing by letting them know that it wasn’t just the views and the beautiful cabin with its incredible balcony that has made this place stand out more so than any other….

“It was the time spent, that I mostly loved!”

Don’t get me wrong, the dramatic setting certainly helped with the feel for the day, and the views were honest to God as though the heavens were touching the earth! But, sharing it with my bestfriend and my brother, kicking back, enjoying a few vodka and cokes, playing some great classic music, talking and laughing, it felt like none of us had a care in the world!

It will stay a very happy memory to me.

After I had finished giving my answer I looked back at the two faces that had asked me the question a few moments ago.

“Sounds wonderful!” 


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