Day 1: Who said flying has to be a bad experience?

Call me crazy, tell me I’m in denial, shout all kinds of obscenities at me if you want – but I can’t help it….I love to fly!

The idea of sitting my butt down for ‘x’ amount of hours, catching up on all the new release movies, tv programmes, free food and drink, and at the end of it I’m in a totally different part of the world! To me, that sounds pretty ideal.

At this moment as I’m writing this, I am on my seventh hour, and I have five still to go. So far I’ve watched ‘The Purge: Anarchy’ and I’ve just finished watching the entire series 4 of ‘The Walking Dead’. My adrenaline is still pumped from Ricks lasts words….

“They’re guna feel pretty stupid when they find out…..”

“Find out what?”

“They’ve screwing with the wrong people!”

Gah – it’s so intense! But anyways, before this becomes a piece about my slight obsession with the programme, specifically a one Mr Daryl Dixon, let’s swiftly move on.

I’ve been accompanied throughout this movie and boxset marathon, by a couple of very nice G&T’s – what is it about gin and tonic on a flight by the way? I never drink it normally, but on a flight it is always the first tipple that comes to mind. Perhaps it’s the cool, crisp and refreshing taste you get from it. Not too sweet, sickly or heady, it’s the perfect choice of drink….

“erm excuse me stewardess….could I get another gin and tonic please?…..”

….sorry about that, my mind easily wanders.

So where was I? Ah yes, so I’ve enjoyed a couple of G&T’s (now three), and a nice glass, actually sorry, a plastic beaker, of red wine with my dinner.

Which brings me nicely on to the other thing I love about flying – in-flight food! There’s something about the smells and the little menus, and seeing the cart edging closer and closer down the aisle towards your seat, before a tiny tray full of all sorts of culinary surprises is presented down in front of you onto your pull-out tray – honestly, the excitement is like no other! On this particular flight I’ve had tandoori chicken and pilau rice. Yum!

I have prised myself away from the screen for a few minutes, so that I can write this, and to share with you all why I think flying doesn’t have to be such a hideous and daunting experience. Who doesn’t love a good duvet day when you get to sit and watch all your favourite types of movies or tv programmes? I mean it’s one of the things we all stare off into the distance and dream about doing when we’re at work being a slave to routine. Only with the added bonus of being able to have a drink at all sorts of strange hours from flying over different time zones, without being judged!

If you’re not really a fan of movies or tv or games then that’s okay too – it’s the perfect time to sit and read that entire book you’ve just been dying to read but never actually get the free time. A twelve hour flight – that’s your free time right there!

Okay, so I feel like I’ve used my brain enough now, I’ve done my little bit of writing and now I’m ready to zone out again. Next on the agenda for me is to finish of this lovely gin and tonic that the stewardess has very kindly brought over to me, then perhaps a little snooze, followed by ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’. Sounds like a good few hours to me.

So yes – if you have a long haul flight coming up and you’re absolutely dreading it – try and put a new spin onto it. Do like I do and see it as a part of your trip and enjoy the chance of being able to sit and do absolutely nothing for a while…after all, how often do any of us get to do that anymore!


I’m off the flight now and am safely in Singapore. As I have  a long connection, I am about to do the free tour of Singapore that the airline offers…..I’ll keep ya posted 🙂 

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