Day 8: My day out around Don Khong

I just wanted to share a few snaps of my day out riding a moped/motorbike for the first time EVER!

Not only had I never ridden a bike before, but I got to have my nail biting first experience with a manual rather than an automatic, and with Lisa on the back as my plus 1! Yikes!

But we got through it together, overcoming a flat tyre (twice), and having no headlight for when it got dark, instead having to rely on the light from the bike of our new friends. I think all-in-all we made the whole ordeal look quite easy to be honest – complete pros taking it all in our stride 🙂 Or perhaps not!

Either way it was all a good laugh. We got to see the beautiful countryside of the island, and we got to meet some lovely locals along the way, offering us their kind hospitality and welcoming hellos. At one point, when we stopped the first time to get my tyre fixed in a tiny, what probably was their home, shack on the side of the road, immediately they pulled out chairs for us to sit on and offered us food from their plate. As we drove by, little kids would come running along side of us smiling, laughing and waving to us.

Its things like these simple, instinctive acts that make places like this worth the multiple hours of travelling to get to. I’ll never tire of it.

So, here are some pics:

Feeling a little anxious as we go to set off!


Fuelling up at the petrol station


Stopping off for some rehydration along the way


A local family home, and a little girl riding off on her bicycle


Busted tyre! When we got it checked the second time, the inner tyre had completely split!


A local village


Out farming


All spices, fruit and veg for sale at the market – I love the colours


Taking a stroll around the market


A fisherman getting ready to go out and catch some supper


Watching the sun go down, over the Mekong river – I just love the silhouettes of the boats in front of the setting sun


…..and here’s another


And finally …..just take a look at the colours of that sunset x x x x

So there you go, a few of my favourite pictures from the day. I already miss Laos and I can’t wait to one day return and explore what else this beautiful country has to offer. If 4000 islands is to lead by example, then I’m in for some real treats for when that day finally comes.


I am in Battambang now – and my god what a longhaul getting here. But from what ive seen so far I think it’s going to be worth it. Tomorrow we have arranged for a guide to pick us up at 9am in his tuk-tuk, he will then take us to see the bamboo trains, some temples, the killing caves and a couple of other things in-between. This full day outing will cost us just $10 per person!

I have a feeling it’s going to be a jam-packed day full of exciting things to see. 

Again, I shall keep you posted.







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