2 tickets to Koh Rong please

My view from where I’m writing this from this morning


Last night I arrived into Sihanoukville.

On first impressions – not so bad. A beach resort with a good array of bars and restaurants with clearly quite a party vibe. Lots of travellers seem to have found themselves a little job; giving out flyers, promoting a particular venue, working in bars – anything to try and keep their travelling adventure going for just that little bit longer. And why not! I did a similar sort of thing myself when I was twenty, but I was working on a beach bar in Olu Deniz, Turkey. The money isn’t great (I mean it was laughable really what I was earning – £50 a month for 7 days a week working!), but the experience certainly makes up for it.

I wont be staying here, however.

As much as I love to socialise and have fun at the beach, the way in which I do so has slightly changed over the years. Rather than going out to get trashed and hop from loud bar, to loud bar – and fed up of having to shout over whatever trashy tune is playing, and inevitably failing at every attempt to get that poor sod who has had me screeching in their ear for the past 5 minutes to get them to hear me, I opt for a more calm, relaxed pace nowadays. With a few nice beach bars to enjoy a few drinks (okay sometimes it’s more than a few haha) over some good chats, some music (at a normal, non-eardrum bursting, sound level), beautiful unspoiled beaches, snorkelling and maybe a little adventure – this is what I am craving!

So I am off to an island, 2 and a half hours away by boat, called Koh Rong. Obviously I haven’t been there yet so I can’t comment from experience – but from what I’ve heard and read, it sounds pretty amazing. White sands border crystal clear waters, jungle decorates the interior, and beachfront guesthouses and bungalows are your choices of digs. A small village, and a few bars and restaurants claim their spot amongst this ideallic setting.

So myself, and of course my travelling buddy in crime, Lisa, have just purchased our $20 per person return ticket, and will be setting on our way in exactly 1 hours time – so feeling pretty happy right now 🙂

So yeah – that’s where I’ll be for the next couple of days – can’t complain!

I know I’ve left out sections of this trip, we have been jamming so much in our short 2 week trip that finding the time to sit and write has been quite tricky. I want to tell you all about Siem Reap and the Angkor temples, our day out in Battambang and everything there is to see there, and of course the crazy bus journeys we’ve been on.

And I will tell you about them soon I promise.

We are also heading home in a few days and, as always, I’m not really quite sure how I’m feeling about it. These two weeks have been amazing and I always feel so grateful to have had the experiences I’ve had – but it’s also been a time to think about my life at home and reflect, something I do quite a lot lately. Quite refreshingly, I’ve met a lot of people similar to my age on this trip, who are going through the exact same thing. Uncertainty, questions and wonder about their chosen life path up to now. I guess life is made up of a series of chapters, and when one comes to an end, or has simply run it’s course, a new one must begin – it’s just finding one that makes sense to your previous events, and any future chapters you may wish to have.


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