Brother vs Sister Update!

I can’t believe I’ve been home nearly two weeks and I haven’t added my two new countries onto the list….what the hell is wrong with me!

So guys – I now have Cambodia and Laos to add on to my ever growing list. I’m still quite a bit behind but I am gaining on you Sean. And with Mauritius on Friday….there’s just no stopping this girl!

I am currently working through a few ideas for 2015 that should increase my number again by a fair amount. The key is to pick a part of the world that has a number of countries within close proximity. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to go to any old country just for the sake of it – everywhere I plan to travel to are parts of the world that I very much would like to see and explore – it just helps that these places will up the tally… 2 birds, 1 stone 🙂

I also want to update my site at the end of the year. I would quite like to visualise the count of countries that myself, and my competitor, have travelled to. So keep an eye out for that within the next month.

Again, there are still things I would like to share with you about my recent trip to Cambodia and Laos – and I will get to it eventually. What with coming home and going back to work, christmas shopping and seeing friends and family, time has slipped through my fingers, taking along with it opportunities to do much writing.  I will get to it soon I promise.

In the mean-time, check out my brother vs sister page and enjoy the fact that I have two additional countries added to my list – and a third to add this weekend… oh yes!

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