The dish of the day……..

So, in keeping with my plan to learn how to cook properly, tonight I am throwing a dinner party! 

This could be either really great, or, the more likelihood – a complete disgrace to the word ‘cooking’! Either way, they’ll be good wine and good friends – inhibitions will be lowered and embarrassing conversations will more than likely be had – so I’m predicting a fun night!

So the order of the day, and I’m going to document it all on this post until the first guest arrives, is to choose the theme of the dish (yeah I really should have done this before the day, but, apparently I’m a sucker for last minute panic and distress!).

Last night me and my flatmate, Emily, wrote down on individual bits of paper, all of the countries that between us we’ve been to. We’ve put them into a bowl, and now I’m going to pick one out…and, you guessed it ladies and gentlemen, whatever country I pick, will be the theme of tonight’s meal!

The list!

So….the moment of truth…

Okay – so I know you can’t read that, but it says USA!!!

That’s cool, I was kind of hoping to get Thailand as I have a whole load of noodles to use up, but I’m pretty happy with the US – and I know exactly what I’m going to cook….it has to be home made cheeseburgers and sweet potato chips! Now to get dressed and go grocery shopping………



So a pound of mince, 2 eggs, a couple of handfuls of breadcrumbs, oregano, salt and pepper later, we have some homemade burgers all prepped and ready to go – these are huge bastards too, so wish me luck cooking these, I could potentially burn the flat down!

For now chaps….I am off to have some beers… But i’ll let you know how it goes, and of course – treat you all to a picture of the finished product.

Have a lovely evening everyone x x

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