Turkey – Another country that will always have a special place in my heart!

Eleven years ago exactly, give or take a couple of weeks, I got on that small boat that would bring me over from Greece to Turkey. With not so much as £50 in my purse (and no credit card to fall on as a back up back then), and with a 20 year olds enthusiasm to finally being released out into the world by herself, I quickly affirmed quite a love for this country. I just seemed to settle to the pace and way of life here.

Fast forward to now and here I am in Istanbul on a 24 hour layover enroute to Nairobi. Impressed that some of my Turkish has naturally come back to me ive managed to ask for a food menu, order my food with a few questions needed to be asked in doing so, ask for the bill and finally ask where the nearest place is to sit in the sun and have an Efes. Which brings me up to this very moment in time. Oh Efes what a lovely taste you bring!

Don’t get me wrong – as with any place in the world once you make it your home, be it permenant or temporary, irritations and day to day monotony soon follows closely behind. And I had my fair share of this. But one thing I love about looking back on our experiences is that the negative stuff somehow seems to get edited from our fore thoughts, and all that springs to mind is the good stuff – and I absolutely had more than my fair share of that too. Lucky me! 😊

There certainly is something about Turkey that makes me feel sad and nostalgic whenever I come back. Something that I always regreted was not seeing more of the country. Although I found work and made lots of friends whilst I was living here them many moons ago, my pay was, even for Turkish standards, absolutely appalling! Therefore I never got to travel around the country like Id always dreamed of doing. Places like Rize and Cappadoccia high up on my list.

So the reason for my little post about my beloved Turkey is to make a public promise that I will return here in the near future and cross off all those places I’ve been wanting to see for going on Eleven years now! 

The world is a wonder to me – and no matter how any times I board a flight or get my passport stamped I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the feelings I get when arriving in a foreign land. And Turkey was my first taster to this. 

So Turkey…. I thank you dearly x x

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