A quick ‘Brother vs Sister’ update!

Camping, North Carolina  1987

Camping, North Carolina

I can’t believe I have been home from Italy for over 3 months and I STILL haven’t added it onto my list of countries counted! Serious slack going on here!

So….I have now added it on, bringing my tally up to the grand number of….holy shit! …only 22!

…..Oh my god is that seriously all I’m on! 

So Sean, what is it you’re on now? I want to say 36?? Although it seems that number hasn’t shifted for a while brother….are you actually getting any travelling in at all?? 😉 I know my number is greatly less than yours, but it has grown by nearly 10 in the last few years….so I guess I’m headed in the right direction.

Still though is it enough?

By the end of this year I would have clocked in another 3 new countries; Philippines in September, Cyprus in October (thank you work), and Egypt in December. So by the end of 2015 I will be on 25 countries….hmmm, I could well be in for a chance at winning this Sean!

But – who know what the next couple of years will bring! One of us may go travelling, clocking up those countries one after the other after the other! One of us may settle down, not in a position to dedicate time or money to racking up their counts! But….either way I’m thoroughly enjoying the race and loving the competition!

But seriously Sean…ya need to start upping your game! 😉 haha

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