A little update from me!

I know it seems that the main posts I do nowadays is to keep everyone informed on our little ‘Brother vs Sister’ competition, this of course being THE most important and crucial page to keep updated (I’m keeping focused lol), however I do plan on starting to write more again come the New Year.

I have big plans up my sleeve to finally do the trip I’ve been gassing on to people about for far too long now!

After finally convincing my friends and family that actually leaving my job and my home, everything that I know and that makes me feel safe, all at the age of 31 which is when most people settle down with a home and their own family, is actually a GOOD idea (not quite sure I actually convinced them, more like drove them potty with my talks of wanting to go to the point that now they’re practically kicking me out the door just so that they don’t have to hear it anymore), the time came to finally bite the bullet, and I now have my one way flight booked next year to Kathmandu.

My plan is to start off doing something I’ve dreamed of doing for years; trekking through the Himilayas, and catching a glimpse of the highest peak on earth; Mount Everest!

I’m so excited I can’t even think about it for too long!

After that I have some ideas of what to do next, but ultimately I want to go with not too much of a set plan so that I’m able to embrace opportunities as they come my way. I’ll need to find work from time to time, but again I will use that as a positive to learn new skills which will hopefully carry me further in life. It’s also a great way to get to experience different ways of living, by staying in one place and integrating into a new culture/society. I’ll be going it alone and I can’t wait to find out just how much I’m personally capable of achieving!

So yes, I’m really looking forward to all aspects of what I hope this trip will bring to me, and I’m mostly excited about finding my passions again and falling in love with life. I think, for me, it’s very much needed.

Anyhoo, so that’s not until the beginning of April, so I’ve a way to go still. But it’s nice to know that I have a date set. In the meantime I’ve started a rock climbing course to try and build my strength up, plus holiday season is amongst us now, so I’ve lot’s of fun and exciting things happening with my family and friends, the people I love more than anything else in the world.

To keep me going until April I have some very new memories of a couple of trips I’ve recently taken; September I was in the Philippines, which was absolutely stunning, and if anyone is thinking about going I would say just do it! Book that flight and go. It’s such a beautiful country with so much to do. Over the course of 12 days I visited Manila, which is actually a pretty cool city, Palawan, Cebu and Bohol. If you were to ask me which was my favourite place I would struggle to answer, because each place has their own qualities and beauties. El Nido in Palawan offers boat trips island hopping around picture perfect lagoons with their crystal clear waters we’ve all come to imagine from the Philippines. I also trekked through forest to swim in isolated waterfalls, and I zip lined from one island to another island as the sun was setting in front of me – it was stunning. In Cebu I did canyoning for the very first time and I jumped from heights of 15 feet into Kawasan Falls. Bohol we went for the nature; Chocolate Hills and the Tarsier Monkeys, but it also turns out it has great beaches too, with nearby islands to enjoy.

Beer boat that came just in the nik of time as our boat broke down and we needed some beer refreshments to keep us going


A refreshing dip in the water after our long trek


One of the beaches we stopped at. The rains came just as we got in the sea to swim! The warmth of the air and the sea whilst swimming in the rain was a memory we’ll all cherish.

Zip lining from one island to another. In front of me I had the setting sun, below me I could see the crystal clear waters, and behind me I could see my best friend zip lining towards me with the jungle as her background! It was a moment I wanted to soak up forever.

Chocolate Hills!

Hanging out with some of the local kids


Tarsier Monkey. They are one of the only other animals that will take their own lives. If they are handled too often or if they are around loud noises they will become depressed and will hold their breath until they pass away. The sanctuary I visited was created for orphaned Tarsiers who are allowed to live in peace and quiet, in as natural a habitat as possible.


One of the many blue and purple sunsets we got to enjoy. The water looked a combination of milk and glass, it was beautiful

So, if you do go, don’t stay in one place…see as much as you can in however much time that you have! No time is too long or too short to create some memories.

(Sorry the pictures aren’t great quality – I’m very aware I need a new camera!)

I also just a couple of days ago got back from Cyprus. Lucky me gets to go and sample some of the beautiful destinations and hotels that the company I work for offers. This trip was no exception, and I have to say that the areas I loved the most were the Troodos Mountains and the nearby surrounding coastal resorts such as Pissouri and Limassol. Staying in these areas you really do get the feel of being somewhere quite far away from home, and quite different. Which ultimately is one of the reasons why we like to go away; to get that glimpse into another world, to soak up all the history and romance that has sculptured the rocks and the seas and the mountains, even if it’s just a little of it. When you’re looking out to the sea onto Aphrodites Rock, you’ll get that feeling.

So yes, I have had a wonderful couple of months filled with lots of new memories. I really am very lucky to see and do the things that I do.

Meanwhile, I have added on Cyprus and Philippines onto the ‘Brother vs Sister’ page, and also have had to add Cyprus onto Seans list! Seems he too has been and forgot to mention it, dagnabbit!

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