Day 1: Jiri to Shivalaya

Well I made my first day of walking – I say day but I really mean 4 hours. But it was a tough 4 hours okay haha, I’m easing myself into it gently, plus I’ve got the time to go at my own pace. 

So the first couple of hours was quite a steep incline, we walked up hills rather than around it, “short cut”! Gah – but okay, let’s go the short cut way. 

We didn’t go fast, just a nice pace, and every now and then we would just stop to enjoy the views. Another reason I don’t want to rush is because I don’t want to miss what I’ve come here to see; stunning scenery like nowhere else, rather than spending the entire time watching my feet!


Mid-morning snack today was enjoyed in a small mountain lodge near the top of our days summit, run by a Sherpa family. Noodles and sweet black tea: 

I could already feel a difference in the air, and we only got to a height of 2300 meters! I’m not entirely sure I could do it if I flew straight into Lukla! I’m definitely glad I’ve got this time to acclimatise. Also to have some time where there are no other hikers, at the moment it’s just me and my guide, Arjun, and local Nepalise. It’s just as I would want it. 

Our descent was also pretty steep, we’re actually now at a height less than where we stayed last night in Jiri. Now we are at 1770 metres. We past through villages and farms and said hello to everyone as we did so.

We made it to Shivalaya and have had a nice afternoon just relaxing. I had a shower too which, after today and the 10 hour bus journey yesterday, was very welcoming.

Sunset in Shivalaya:


So this was my day today guys. It was hard going at times, but completely moving at others. I feel like for me it’s an experience like no other, both physically and mentally. It’s not often I’m in a place like this by myself – lots of new feelings and thoughts. But that is why I’m here, so all is good ☺️

Again not much detail but I’m only able to post using my phone – plus I just want to keep all who’s interested in the loop ☺️

Have a lovely evening everyone, and if I’m able to get wifi again tomorrow I’ll message again xxxx

9 thoughts on “Day 1: Jiri to Shivalaya

      • I loved Namche. Where to next? Tengboche or Phortse? If you are walking to Tengboche it is a big so prepare yourself mentally. Acclimatisation day to Khumjung is a good idea. Is the trail busy?

      • Tengboche – yep acclimatisation day tomorrow. Fingers crossed it all goes well. Mentally and physically the last week has been more than I could’ve imagined…but now I just gotta get my head around the altitude!
        It’s kinda busy but not crazy

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