From Jiri to Namche

Day 1: Jiri to Shivalaya 

Day 2: Shivalaya to Bhandar

Day 3: Bhandar to Sete

Day 4: Sete to Junbesi

Day 5: Junbesi to Nunthala

Day 6: Nunthala to Bupsa

Day 7: Bupsa to Phakding

Day 8: Phakding to Namche

I’ve been wanting to write about my journey so far, but I keep putting it off because honestly I haven’t the words to really describe it. I can write things like “today we hiked 7 hours, steep climbs and steep descents, saw some beautiful views and met some wonderful people,” but who wants to read that! This stuff is just a given…I’m trekking in Nepal, of course there’s going to be all those things! 

The real experiences I think are all internal, the thoughts you think each day, the pains you feel and then the equal feelings of accomplishment you get at the end of the day. When you see something you never thought your eyes would see, you’ve dreamt about it and you’ve seen the pictures, but these images don’t prepare you for that pang of…excitement, joy, sadness, awe, when you actually see that something in real life. 

So yes, whilst this last week has been an intense amount of steep and long ascents and descents, moments where I thought what the hell am I doing, moments where I felt the luckiest girl in the world to be here…it’s also been so much more! And still there is so much more to come I’m sure…tomorrow we head deeper into the highest mountain range in the world – the Himilayas.

Today it was all topped off when I got to see Everest! Right in front of me there stood the top of the world! I burst into tears at the sight. Again, the words to write fail me.


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