Namche to E.B.C and back again

Day 10: Namche to Tengboche

Day 11: Tengboche to Dingboche

Day 12: Acclimatisation day, Dingboche

Day 13: Dingboche to Lobuche

Day 14: Lobuche to Gorek Shep to Everest Base Camp

Day 15: Gorek Shep to Kala Pattar to Pangboche

Day 16: Pangboche to Namche

Day 17: Namche to Lukla

“Standing on the shoulders of Giants”

I wonder if when Isaac Newton wrote these words he was actually imagining standing in the Himalaya rather than using it as a metaphor for intellect. I like to think so.

To me this place felt as if it were the playground of all the Gods, no division between them, no hatred – just a mutual understanding for each other’s respective lifestyles – however, little knowing that actually the real masters of this world, the masters that have been here long before any God was summoned, are the still and silent mountains that stand mighty and humbly amongst them, like wise old men overlooking and overseeing all that sits below and between them. They demand for nothing, yet they captivate us all. 

More than once I was moved beyond words by what lay in front of me… so I would just sit, and stare, and sometimes cry – what else was there to do. It’s a private moment between yourself, your thoughts and the ever enchanting Mother Nature…once again she bedazzles us.

There were, though, definitely times inbetween where I wanted to cry for other reasons… believe me! The cold, the monotony of walking, lack of oxygen – at times you think why the hell am I doing this, what is it proving, am I still doing this for me or am I doing it to say I’ve done it. These are all normal thoughts though, you learn to detach yourself from them, to a point, because ultimately they are completely outweighed by the rewards! 

I got to walk amongst the highest peaks in the world! That, and all that accompanies this, are the reward! Plain and simple. I’ll remember it forever. 

Day to day life can get quite… boring, I guess is the word; you arrive to your daily destination by mid or late afternoon, depending on your speed, and then there is not much else to do! In the lower hills you can occupy yourself by taking a shower perhaps, normally a cold one – so as you would imagine this shower doesn’t last long. A quick in and out and you’re done. 

Next you’ll get dressed and wander down to the dining area, have a tea and then decide what you will have for your dinner. 

In the higher mountains you tend to bypass the shower altogether, opting to stay warm and dry rather than face a luke warm battle with a hose. You’ve just trekked 5 hours in high altitude…who can be asked for that eh! 

From here, what to do…take a walk around perhaps, sit and chat with the friends you’ve made along the way (you’ll have made many), play cards and wait to eat really. I have mastered local game dhumbal – many games myself and Arjun would play, both of us with a healthy appetite for competition! (I won’t say who won the overall count, let’s just say that he’s been playing it longer than me yes! Haha).

You then just take each day as it comes and wait to reach your end goal. Don’t forget to enjoy the little bits inbetween though… Although I reached base camp and Kalar Pattar, there were certainly places inbetween that I found to be a lot more beautiful.

So this is it guys and gals, just a little insight to my experiences and thoughts on the E.B.C and Kala Pattar trek, hiked in from Jiri. As I’ve always said, it’s difficult to really explain because I believe the experiences to be unique to every individual, both mentally and physically. Mine was an emotional one as well as a physical feat. Physically I realised how strong you can be if you have the right mental attitude, “you need to keep a good psychology” I was told many times by Arjun. I didn’t suffer from any altitude issues, I ate, I slept and I didn’t get sick. Oh and my feet are still intact! Haha good news there. 

Above all you need to WANT to do this. That really is the ticket there. I honestly believe that anyone who really wants to do this trek can do it….

… So off you go, what are you waiting for 😉

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