Hiking The Mardi Himal

Hi guys… So I just wanted to share with you a brief run-through and some snaps of my time hiking the Mardi Himal Trek, and to let you know how I got on…

Well we were meant to do it in 3 nights 4 days, but we ended up hiking all the way back down on the last day so were able to have it finished in 2 nights 3 days. My knees weren’t too happy with me by the end of it, but even as I hobbled down the longest set of steps you’ve ever seen for the last stretch, I managed to keep on smiling and laughing – mainly because …well what else can ya do eh! Haha.

It was a very different landscape than the Sagamartha landscape, smaller, gentler, but also very beautiful. We didn’t have the greatest weather for the most part, clouds and mist hiding the mountains – but as we walked up the last ascent towards High Camp, amid the clouds, it had a very cool and eerie edge to it that actually I really quite liked. The hills were covered by forest, and the parts that weren’t were comparable to the wild and barren moors you might find in Yorkshire. Someone likened it to “walking into the set of a Macbeth scene” – and he wasn’t wrong, at times that is how it felt, the nearby black crows adding to the dramatic setting.

Every morning had been wet and cloudy, I had made my peace with the fact that we weren’t going to be able to get to walk to view point the final morning and see the mountains we’d come to see, deciding that I was fortunate enough already to have seen all that I have….

… But, 5am in the morning I woke up – the mountain Gods were on our side…the rains had stopped and the clouds had cleared! I jumped up and we headed out to view point! We knew the clouds would be back so we had to get in as much time as we could. So off we went, and here is what we saw….

So there we go… Trek number 2 done – it’s getting addictive!

13 thoughts on “Hiking The Mardi Himal

  1. Fantastic pics Jenni. So glad you the clouds lifted for you and that you got to see such beauty and splendour. See ya soon. Much love from us both – Dad and Heather XX.

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