Hellos and Goodbyes…

…and I’ve had my fair share of these over the last couple of weeks!

I had been so concerned about saying my goodbyes to folk back home in the UK, that I completely forgot to factor in all the goodbyes I’d have to be making throughout this trip!

I tend to describe myself as someone who ‘wears their heart on their sleeve’ – so when I meet people who have an impact on me I tend to, either consciously or subconsciously, allow myself to get attached quite quickly. 

In the last 7 weeks I have said ‘hello’ to a great deal of people, and some of those people have had a huge impact on me! 

Sadly I have had to say ‘goodbye’ to all of them. Each time I question how soon it will be before I am able to return to them. 

The beauty of this trip is really, it can be anytime – I am currently committed to no schedule. 

I set out from the UK telling myself that this wasn’t just going to be a trip I needed to do to ‘get out of my system,’ I had decided that I was going to embrace opportunities, even if those opportunities pull me in a direction different to where I thought I was going, both physically and metaphorically. So if I had a real sense of returning somewhere for a purpose, then how wonderful it is that I can do that – and I don’t take this fortunate position I’m in lightly! I appreciate completely the freedom I have at the moment, and to waste it would be foolish.

The affect that particular people have had on me of recent, has somehow given me a sense of purpose, given me new ideas, has inspired me! They’ve done it in a way that they probably aren’t even aware they’ve done!

And whilst I haven’t quite figured out the nooks and crannies of what to do with this or how to utilise myself fully in the world, I do feel as though I have more control over it… and that to me is such an exciting concept.

So yes, whilst the last couple of weeks have been full of enthusiastic hellos and tearful goodbyes …I am eternally grateful for them because they have all contributed towards something bigger. 

And I will return… 

I realise this is quite a self indulgent post, and potentially some parts aren’t making too much sense – but these are just the words that came from me as I started writing about my hellos and goodbyes, and one thing I always want to to retain in my posts is….well, me. 

2 thoughts on “Hellos and Goodbyes…

  1. very touchy n emotional post : )

    Human nature is strange!
    Once u spend some tym somwr. u get connected to the place n peopl : (

    Sadly! This is so hard to run away!

    hope u had a gr8 tym!: )
    Have a lovely day

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