Another Week in the Life of….

Me 🙂


Hi 🙂

Well, as the title suggests, it’s been about a week (maybe more – oops) since I’ve updated my travels.

So what have I been up to?

Firstly I spent another couple of days cycling around the hills of Munnar with the old man (“old man’s” not meant literally there pop’s). The third day started with a steep descent back down from the accommodation we had stayed at the previous night. With impressive views, clear roads and the warm wind ripping past our speeding bodies, this really was a great way to start our day!


From up high looking down.


Stopping off enroute at Top Station, again the views definitely enough to stir up one or two emotions. I don’t know what it is about standing on high ground and looking out to the world, but it beholds something over me that I just can’t explain.


Peace y’all


View from Top Station.


Continuing our descent we finally reach Munnar Town.

What’s that saying? “What goes up must come down?” – Well in this case it was the opposite; What goes down certainly went back up again! (ahem… head, gutter, if you don’t mind! 😉 ).

Yep… after lunch I somehow found myself cycling up a long and fairly steep ascent! Urgh! The one saving grace to this was that the heavens had opened and the rain was banging down on us.

“Saving grace” you say??

Yeah I love the rain! It’s fun and it’s exciting, especially when it’s warm. You can get to a point where you just can’t get any wetter and so you just stop caring! How often do we get to do that in life?! We’re so conditioned to run for shelter or to stay indoors when the skies empty down on us, that to stay out in the rain feels a bit like we’re breaking the rules slightly – reverting back to our childhood’s when we would run outside to jump in the puddles whilst our parents would watch bemused from behind the kitchen window. Those were the days 🙂


Smile pop’s 🙂


Water water everywhere….

So yes, cycling in the rain certainly did make the climb a little more enjoyable, and distracted me just enough so that I didn’t feel like throwing my bike to the ground shouting “to hell with this bulls#&t!” (I told you I’m not a cyclist, okay! lol).

The next, and final, day of cycling was a bit more consistent with its ups and downs, never too long up and never too long down, and was actually a really great day of cycling to finish the tour off with. We rode through towns and villages, forests and tea plantations – finishing off about a 4 hour car transfer away from Fort Cochin, back to the where it all began.


Testing out what would be my mode of transport for the next four days.

Jokes aside I really had fun with the cycling, and even more pleasing was that my undeniable ‘no-hands’ cycling skills found their way back to me after years of being out of action… Oosch!


Me, Dad (in his football penalty shot pose), and our guide Emil.

So all this brings me up to our two days on the backwaters of Kerala. Two nights on board our very own houseboat… I think I had described it to my Dad at the time that “this amount of relaxation and calm shouldn’t be allowed!” I mean…seriously – if you want to de-stress and switch off from the outside world, get yourself to one of these houseboats pronto! The speed in which the boat traveled, along with the stillness and quiet of the waters, all equates to a near on comatose state of mind.


Yup! This was pretty much me for the two days.


Looking good pop’s 🙂

To me I think that a day or two on the backwaters would actually be a perfect time to spend with a partner, think of all that cuddling time you could have 😉 But just try not to fall out with each other, because really there’s nowhere else to go!


I’m not what you’d call  much of a bird watcher, but actually I was quite taken by the different bird life found in these parts. Very beautiful.


Typical houseboat.



Sunset on the backwaters. It was like a world of black, white and grey’s.


Local fishermen heading out for the evening.

So what does one do when one has relaxed the shit out of life?

One goes to the beach to relax some more.

And so here I am in sunny Kovalam Beach….



Well I say sunny, it’s actually been rainy and stormy the last couple of days – which to me is just lovely. The previous couple of days had been a lot of heat and a lot of sun, all well and good, but I have to say I am quite partial to an overcast and moody sky that delivers with it a warm and sweet breeze. I’m currently sat outside my room overlooking the sea, the waves are big and dominating, everything is soggy, dripping, from the intermittent early monsoon rains we’ve been having, and there is a gentle wind blowing over me. I’m smiling.

A sad goodbye to my Dad yesterday. How quickly time goes. We packed in a lot of different locations and activities throughout his 12 day stay here in India with me, from cities to tea plantations, from tuk-tuks to bicycles to trains, and from backwaters to beaches – I hope you enjoyed your time here pops, it was great to share this experience with you 🙂 Thank you.


Cheers pop’s, and happy memories.

So with Nepal and India under my belt, come Thursday I will find myself boarding another flight and heading on. I have been struggling the last couple of days to get my head around this, and as I’ve explained to a couple of people I’ve spoken to, coming away and having this ‘big adventure’ is a dream come true for me – but the thing that I find difficult, and probably something I hadn’t accounted for, is the emotions, I get attached easily, to people and to places. All the time planning and routing, completely oblivious to all of the human interaction I was going to encounter, then inevitably find difficult to leave.

Not just people, but also places – call me…well call me whatever you like…but to me I do believe that our souls can sense where in the world we feel a peace, a sense of feeling content with life. One of my goals when taking this trip was to allow myself to be guided by….what comes naturally, to have a plan but not too much of a plan, leaving room for spontaneity, hopefully to be used in going forward with my life. That’s what I will take from my time here I think, maybe to return.

One thing I am learning in life is that we shouldn’t waste any of the experiences we’ve had, be them good or bad. If we can use them to make our present world stronger, in love, in career, in ourselves, well then that to me is half the battle. I believe that the last few years, the jobs I’ve had and the friends I’ve made, have all been relevant to bringing me where I am today. My mum always says “when things are meant to be, every decision you make just flows naturally, you might not know what it’s leading to just yet, and it may not be clear…but trust in it and all will be revealed” – So ma, that is what I shall do for the time being.


Smilin’ day’s.


P.s I’ve updated Brother Vs Sister now. I’m currently still a mile behind, and that pesky brother of mine has been planning to take some trips this year! Gah!





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