“On the road again…

just can’t wait to get on the road again…”

I bet when Willie Nelson wrote those lyrics he wasn’t talking about rickety old bus journeys throughout Southern Asia, pot holes, crazy assed drivers, and broken AC!

Well folks, in about 3 and  a half hours I’ll be embarking on my longest one yet so far on this trip! An 18 hour overland bus journey taking me from Kathmandu to Varanasi. Yizzers!

I’ve got my packet of Oreo’s and bag of crisps, and I’m ready to go. (That’s not true…I’m not even remotely ready for it! I had just an eight hour journey the other day and I was ready to kill by the end of it! Dear lord please get me through this!).



So I’ve been back in Nepal for about 10 days, and for now I think I’ve managed to do what I came here to do. As you all know I have launched my ‘Make a Difference’ page on my website, so please do check this out. It’s such a great project, I’m really excited by everyone’s response to it, and I know that with enough support and donations from all of you we can absolutely do this. Let’s get this done folks!



Still one more super exciting project to get off the ground, but we are now just that much closer to launching it – so watch this space.

Not much else to report really. Once I get to Varanasi I’ll let you all know how the journey was.

For now though, I hope you are all well, and I will be back on here again soon 🙂 x x x



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