Life on the back of a bike…

…Your ass will hurt!

That’s it, end of post – nothing else you need to know, just that your ass will hurt! You’ll learn to contort your body and shift, and wiggle in ways you never thought you’d be able to, especially when sat at the back of a bike travelling at 100km an hour! (or whatever the speed limit is here – I’m used to miles per hour). You’ll start your journey thinking “oh this isn’t so bad” but then after about 30 or so minutes you start to get… a feeling. That feeling starts to become something you recognise and fear the most… you’ll feel it coming, and you’ll be going in your head “no no no no, not yet, I’m not ready for this yet – we still have 8 damn hours to go!” – and so the wiggling commences!

Okay okay, there is definitely more to it than just a sore bum, I’m only partly teasing. It’s also exhilarating, and exciting – nothing but the open road ahead of you and the wind whipping past you. When you’ve finished your ride for the day, you are covered in dust and sweat, and you’ll have the worst hat hair you’ve ever had (that’s really for you girls), but you’ll feel oddly proud of all the grime, and you’ll feel as though you’ve earned that incredible hot shower you’re about to have, that yummy food you’re about to eat, and of course that undisturbed sleep you’re about to have.

For me though, I just love starting the day in one place and ending it in another. I’ve often said that I’m more of a fan of the journey than the destination in my travels. That’s why I tend not to stay in one place for too long when I go away. When I had my road trip in America I would often say that it was the random towns we would rock up to in the evenings that would be the most interesting, and the days of driving the most exciting. When I look back over the last 6 weeks, and also to any other road trip I’ve been on, the places that stick out in my mind are the non-places, the places that really don’t matter when you’re telling people where you’ve travelled to. The hotels/motels/guesthouses you stay in for the night, the quirky ones, the nicer than you thought ones, the ones where you actually prayed for your life! The excitement of what you’re guna have for breakfast in the morning (maybe that bit is just me), and the thrill of jumping on the back of the bike, or jumping behind the wheel of a car and setting off again. Even if something goes wrong with your vehicle, well, you just do what you have to do to get it going again –

– You know, like when you put the keys in the boot of your automatic lock car as you’re taking out your luggage, and then you close the boot, keys still inside, so you have to call out the car service man at US$50 a pop… And then when you do this for the third time! You know who you are Lisa 😉 –

– It’s all part of the great unknown.

And the crème de la crème, if you get to do all of this with someone awesome, your best mate, your partner, family – whoever, well, then that just makes it all the better.

Ah man I love it!

So, for me, that’s what “life on the back of a bike” has been about. Yes, my arse did hurt, but comparatively to all the things that I loved about it, the sore bum really doesn’t matter.


*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

It’s funny, as I’m writing all this it’s making me think about the style of travel that I like, and I think it is trips like these, be it in a car, on a bike, or trekking on your feet – moving from place to place gives you such a sense of excitement. But, I’m also learning that I like to be in one place as well, creating foundations. You know, like I love simple little things, going to the cinema, going to friends/family for dinner and drinks, entertaining people at mine, enjoying a day out on a day off, enjoying a cosy day in front of the TV. Maybe I’m learning that I am someone who wants to pursue my travels as short bursts in between a life in one place, I often wondered if that was going to be what I took from this big trip of mine. I guess, to be honest, maybe I always knew this, maybe this trip was never about seeing a thousand places, it was about finding the life that I’m happy with. I mean, don’t misunderstand me, I want the travels too – but I know I can do that, it’s the only thing that I am confident I can do. The last 4 years I have travelled about three or four times a year, be it with friends, or be it for work – and I’ve enjoyed both immensely. Travelling for work purposes gives you such a sense of pride, and taking a holiday means you just make the absolute most of your time. It’s the life in between that I have had to figure out, and maybe, just maybe, that’s what this big journey that I’m currently on could bring me. It’s all about balance.

The one thing that I am certain about in my own personal life, is that, even though I enjoy meeting new people and I understand that chance encounters can bring new dimensions to your world, and I love that, but for me I already know that everyone I am ever going to need and want in my life in order to be happy and have all my great adventures with, I already have. I couldn’t be more blessed in that way, and I think if you have that sussed, well then the rest eventually just falls into place.


*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

….anyhoo – I kind of went off on one there didn’t I! haha. Well you know, I like this blog to be about me and my drastic attempts at life as well as anything else 🙂

Moving on…

So, how exactly did I end up the backseat passenger of a beautiful Royal Enfield 500 for the past 6 weeks? Well, there’s a fairly simple reason behind it….

…remember Loki? You know, from a few posts back A little visit from someone familiar’? Remember that we were going to travel down from Kota to Goa on his bike but then realised that in 50 degree heat and only 4 days to do it in that the idea was…well the idea was insane??! Yeah? Okay, well so, I came back to India to see him (and ya know… to get my road trip 😉 ) – and since meeting up in Varanasi and him leaving back to Delhi last week, we had been travelling around together. Happy times 🙂

More on all that another time – for now though I’ll say goodbye. I am going to be leaving Bir in a few days and heading to Manali, so I’ll catch up with you all again soon. Take it easy.

Be happy in life people, enjoy the simple pleasures, and also remember to enjoy a kick ass road trip from time to time ;) x x x

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