Time to say goodbye

Yep, you’ve guessed it – the time has come for me to once again leave India. 

It’s been a crazy couple of months since I’ve been back here, I feel as though I’ve managed to fit in so much – but when I look back now, all that time just blurs together as one big memory! “Was I ever really in Varanasi?” “What were the names of the inbetween towns we stayed in?”

So this return visit to India was never on my agenda. It was a spontaneous re-route to my big trip, something that I was always open to should the opportunity arise. So, I really wanted to just spend my time here embracing that…

So…what would I say were the results? Well, I guess the main thing that I want to say is, sometimes in life, you should take that gamble! Take a chance on the unknown – it can open up your world to so many wonderful things; pride, peace, adventure, and… love.

That’s what I did by coming back to India, and even though I didn’t know what the end results were going to be, even now I still can’t be 100% sure what the outcome will be, I couldn’t be happier that I did come back and that I did take that chance.


Does this all sound a bit cryptic? I think it does doesn’t it. I mean, are you wondering what was it that brought me back, what was the opportunity, what was the gamble? Why am I happy that I came back, and why am I still not 100% sure of what the outcome of it all is. The outcome of what? What wonderful thing has my world been opened up to?

Well, the reason I’m not going into too much detail is…well it’s because I’m also trying to be discrete, and until such a time I’m able to…not be discrete, I just want to focus on trying to inspire people to take risks, to go out on the limb. The reason and the risk are irrelevant as they can be anything – it’s completely personal to you. So even though this may all sound a bit wishy washy, I hope you are able to pick up on the message that I’m trying to get across 😉


… On a completely different note, I also want to tell you about my next adventure….AFRICA!


Yep, I’m finally doing it! I’ve spoken about it, and I’ve obsessed about it – and now I am actually doing it! Tomorrow I fly to Cape Town where I will start my overland journey taking me through South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Malawi, and Tanzania – before finally ending in Kenya to stay with Sean (brother). I’ll be doing all of this over the space of about 7 weeks before flying back to India on the 5th November. So I plan to journal my path and what I get up to.

This particular trip, for me, is about the overland experience from Cape Town to Nairobi. Taking in the landscapes as I pass through on different modes of transport; bus, train, ferry. Highlights for me I’m hoping will be Cape Town, the vast backdrop of Namibia, Victoria Falls, Lake Malawi, overnight train across Tanzania, and Zanzibar. Of course the icing on the cake will be seeing the brother at the end of it.

My journey to the start of this has already begun, this morning I flew from Delhi to Mumbai, ready for my flight tomorrow morning taking me to Cape Town via Addis Ababa and Johannesburg. I’ll be looking forward to my first glass of South African wine by the time I get there 🙂

For now though guys I will love you and leave you – have a good few days and I’ll speak with you soon. See you in Africa 🙂 eek!



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