Where in the world am I now?

Well I’ve been back in India now for nearly three weeks, and it’s been…well it’s been wonderful. India is starting to feel more and more homely each time I come here. Seeing friends and spending time with Loki and his family for his sister’s wedding. I’m starting to really feel a belonging here.

The country that I expected to have the least impact on me throughout my travels, has turned out to have had quite the opposite affect!

I got to share in all the delights, and happy moments between bride and family, as they prepared for the wedding. The laughs, and the tears. The excited chats as the girls dressed themselves up and did their hair. I even got to join in with them on this and was treated to some traditional Indian attire….

It was incredibly humbling to be there and to witness the ceremonies. It was a gentle reminder to just how special it is to make marriage vows with another person. That they shouldn’t be taken lightly, and where possible should not be broken. They are after all intended for life. Obviously I understand the differences between a western marriage and an Indian marriage, but the basics remain the same; the uniting of two people, to love, and to look after one another in the good and the bad times. Above all, how lovely to know that you’ll have a partner by your side throughout life.

It was a huge honour to have been invited into Loki’s family, and to share in their celebrations.


So what now?

Now I head home for a bit. I need to get back and sort some work out. After eight months, life without an income has reached it’s limit! I’m actually sat at the airport as we speak! I’ll get to spend the Christmas season (the best season in the world), with my family and friends, whilst focusing on work. The plan is to be able to base myself in both England, and in India. So that’s what I’ll be working on over the foreseeable future.

I will be back in India around January, ready also to head into Nepal for the build in February. It’s all go go go!

How am I feeling about going home?

I keep saying to people it’s completely mixed. I’ve managed to get myself into a situation where my heart is being pulled in two different directions. England; where my home, my family and friends are, and here in India…where I have a new love (have you guessed who it is yet??).

But actually, the idea of going home and seeing everyone makes me feel beyond excited! I can’t wait to feel some rainy, windy, English weather. Preferably watching from inside my mums cosy countryside cottage, holding a nice glass of wine and watching X-Factor. I want to listen to my nephews excited voice as he tells me how his day at school was. To sit and have dinner with my family, or enjoy some bubbles out with my friends. These, amongst other things, I’m excited for going home.

Plus guys….it’s Christmas!! Let the festivities begin! 

So after having woken up early, taken a taxi to the airport, said another horrible goodbye to Loki…I’m now ready as I’ll ever be to jump on my flight taking me back to Blighty. My expeditions don’t finish here by any stretch of the imagination – in fact, in light of all that I’ve gained from my time away, you could say they’re  only just beginning. I’m not entirely sure what my future holds, but I know now that it will be a happy one…and one full of lots of new adventures ☺️

I will see you soon I promise x x 


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