Brother Vs Sister Update

Just a quickie…

So ladies and gents, the boy has officially turned 35 today! Let’s all sing a Happy Birthday to him shall we. Anyone who knows him will know that he just LOVES all that stuff eh 😉 haha


Our very own Huckleberry Finn – 1987

So that’s it right, competition time for him over. Finished…

Not quite it would seem! Well guys, I think I may have been played here a little, or at least perhaps an angle has been worked…perhaps. Let me explain. Due to work and living circumstances, last month Sean had to forego a trip to the Balkans that he had been planning.  He has had to spend the time instead focused on some pretty big life decisions; where he is to be based in the world predominantly. Good old Blighty, or beautiful Kenya where for the last four years he has made his home. A tough decision. So me being the soft hearted, kind (NOT pushover thank you very much) person that I am I have decided that the right thing to do is to honour those two weeks for him to be used at a later date.

As with any game or competition though, there are rules to be followed….

Sean, the countries you gain within up to a two week holiday will still be counted towards your final count of this competition. Should the holiday or trip exceed two weeks those countries thereafter shall not be counted. This is a one trip pass, therefore if your next holiday is less than two weeks the remaining days will not be carried over and you will lose those days. This pass is to be used on your NEXT holiday based on these guidelines: weekend trips are exclusive of this pass and if you happen to take a weekend trip away to a new country, that country will not be included. If you have a work trip to a new country, that country will not be included. Should you be living outside of the UK by the time of our sisters wedding in June 2017, you are not obliged to use this pass for your return for the wedding. 

Lastly, this holiday has to be taken before your 36th birthday.

So there we have have it. An end without an end. Currently Sean is on 41 countries and I’m on 33. It’s still all there to be played for…

Thanks folks and a Happy Birthday to ‘The Brother’

2 thoughts on “Brother Vs Sister Update

  1. I think it is a decision come to due to the hugeness of your heart and the compassion of your soul, definitely not because you’re a pushover!

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