What am I up to now?

…Well, I’m in Bruges!

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I’m just an excitable little kid at heart…

You have no idea how super excited I was yesterday morning catching the Eurostar to the continent! I mean it’s silly really, all we’re doing is getting a train and travelling the short 23 miles from UK to France…

…However, the idea of one minute being in the UK and then the next we’re across the waters and on international lands, I don’t know why but this just feels me with some kind of weird inner happiness. I’d never done it before (the Euro star that is) and it’s been something I’ve wanted to tick off my bucket list for a while. Ya see… I’m a huge fan of overland (or in this case, partial underwater) travel. To see the landscapes change right in front of my eyes, to witness the local and not so local interactions between all who participate in daily life. To adjust and acclimatise to new surroundings. Overland travel really is the only thing that allows us to experience all of these things, and more. And, clearly, I love it!

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So what am I actually doing here in Bruges you ask?  

Other than drinking beer you mean??…

Well, let me tell you…

So obviously we all know about the rebuild happening in Nepal that all of us together have been raising funds for… Well, about a month or so ago now, the building of that rebuild, commenced.

Now, I’m heading back there to see the finished product. To see them all in their new home, to see them happy, and to share their final story with all of you, and most importantly all those who donated and supported this project.

!! We’ve Raised a Whooping £2500 !!

An outside the box thought!

So, knowing that I was heading back to Nepal I started looking at flights…and then…I started looking at flights from further afield…

Do I really need to start my journey from London (my home airport)? Is it possible to add on a ‘pre-adventure adventure?’ “I’ve always wanted to get the Eurostar. I’ve always quite fancied Bruges. I have a friend in Netherlands” – “Hmmm?”

Screw it! I’m booking my flight from Europe! I’m guna add on my pre-adventure adventure 🙂

…and so I booked my Eurostar, my couple of hostels in Bruges and Nijmegan, and finally my flight from Cologne to Kathmandu. A short Europe trip before my ‘Indian Sub-Continent’  trip would be great!

Ta dah!

Which basically all leads me to being sat here right now, in my hostel, in Bruges.

It’s a beautiful little city, almost like a toy town and exactly how you would imagine it to look. Yesterday I walked all around the inner city, through the market squares and down the side streets, sampling as many local beers as I could along the way (Rule Number 1; Never try the same beer twice!). Today I plan to walk around again but this time sticking to the canal streets. My first port of call will be the ‘Oldest Bar in Bruges’ – ‘Cafe Vlissinghe!’ Over 500 years old, and very conveniently located just around the corner from me!  Happy days 🙂 I also plan to eat a Belgian waffle today and to try some Belgian chocs. Hey I’m in Belgium…I can’t exactly NOT do these things right?!

Beer Tasting in Bruges 🙂

IMG_3070 (2)

Tomorrow I get a train back to Brussels and I’ll catch the Flixbus from there over to Nijmegen for what I’m sure will be a couple more days of beer sampling, this time of the Dutch variety.

On Sunday I’ll then make my way by train to Cologne for my flight to Kathmandu. I plan to spend a couple of weeks in Nepal, focal point will be going to see the rebuild and spending some time with Sita and her boys in the village. Weather permitting (it’s rainy season in Nepal at the moment) I’ll do a short 5 day trek. I feel the mountains calling me.

It’s not everyday that we find ourselves in the Indian Sub-continent (unless of course you’re from the Indian Sub-continent), and sadly it looks as though this will be my last visit here for a long time. Therefore to end this trip I hope to use my Indian visa one last time for one last journey; ‘The Manali to Leh highway.’ Reaching high altitudes of the Himalayan peaks and passes, and driving through some incredible scenery. This should end quite perfectly the magical time I’ve spent, off and on, in the Himalayas over the past year or so. (I’ll return for you Tibet one day, I promise).

IMG_7730 (2)

So in a nutshell guys that’s really it. A quick update of my whereabouts for the next 5 weeks. I’ll want to be writing more about my time in Europe heading to Nepal; the food, the beers, the transport, the landscapes and architecture, so hopefully that will be my next post. And of course I’ll be doing a final article on the house after my visit. All to come soon, so keep a watchful eye 😉

Live, Laugh, Travel x

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