A New Chapter

Fast forward 4 years and here we are in 2022! How has all this time gone by without even a peep??…. lord knows! Well actually, I do, I know. We had kids! Hurrah! Yep… as I sit here and tap away I have a gorgeous 2 year old boy napping upstairs in his bed, and the sweetest smiling 6 month baby girl having a sleep in her daddies arms in the living room. Oh sweet and happy days.

It has been a roller coaster of a four years. Me and Daniel met and managed to squeeze in a few little adventures of our own before taking the plunge into the world of parenthood….

Adventures of me and Daniel

We’ve been to Zambia… overlooking Victoria Falls from Devil’s Pool, road tripping from Livingstone to Lusaka to Kafue NP, and staying in the bush for a week at Daniel’s sisters’ lodge…

Devil’s Pool (can you see the fear in Daniel’s eyes??)

We’ve been to Finland, arriving into the arctic at night, the glistening white snow against the dark of the night. We had a husky ride and went hiking in the snow, and drank expensive beer (yes… Finland is expensive folks) and listened to rock music…

….and we’ve done a few other things together, Snowdonia, Hadrians Wall, Venice, festivals. All great memories and moments we have shared just the two of us.

Now we are a family of four.

The children were born into a world of a global pandemic, shutting down travel to a near halt. Only now we are just coming out the otherside and the world is beginning to open again. And so the adventure trails of Jenni, Daniel, Finn and Florence can now dare to be dreamt of and imagined.

I feel this is a good place to end my blog. My solo adventures have brought me so much joy and confidence, I’ve seen some incredible places and met some wonderful people. I’ve learnt that I love to travel by myself. I’ve learnt that I love to hike and to really be in the moment whilst walking. And I’ve learnt that life is a forever changing adventure. Nothing stays the same so enjoy each chapter for what they are, when they are. I am now entering a new chapter with my babies and I am beyond excited to start planning our adventures together, home and away, and to hopefully inspire in them my passion and love for a journey.

To you Finn and Florence, I give you the world x x

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