Book &a Bottle!

“I really want to start reading again,” “When I was a kid I used to read all the time, honestly!” (cue tumbleweed and rolling of eyes…)

Well…it’s all just excuses really isn’t it!… and I absolutely hate the thought of being that person who constantly talks about wanting to do something…but then who never actually does it! …Therefore, in honour of not ever wanting to be one of those people “who constantly talks about things but then who never actually does it” – I’ve devised a plan…


 Join me for my ‘Book and a Bottle’ date night once a month. We’ll talk about the book and we’ll talk about choosing a new book. We’ll drink some yummy drinks and we’ll eat some yummy … eats (??) If you can’t join me in person then by all means join me online. The plan is (it’s a very easy plan really) is that each month a book will be chosen (either by me or by you) … and then, we read it! (who would’ve thunk eh!) After date night I will then be writing a review of the book and posting it on here. I would also love to hear your thoughts of the book too as we go along – (hashtag no spoilers please!) – (hashtag yes I realise I’m not actually supposed to write the word hashtag!)

Each month bring with you your own personal book suggestion and the reason why you’ve chosen it, and then we’ll have a vote. The winner will be the next book of the month. For those of you who are virtually joining me on my quest to read more, send me over your choice of book and reason, and I’ll read it out on the night.

Next ‘Book & a Bottle’ Date:    Wednesday 6th June, 7pm

BOOK OF THE MONTH:    Carlos Ruiz Zafon – ‘The Shadow of the Wind’


** Initial thoughts? – “Ermm… it’s big!” **

Not having read the book yet it’s quite difficult for me to go in to too much detail about it. What I gather though is that it is a suspense thriller about a mysterious book and its author chosen by a young boy, Daniel, to keep. As the years go by and Daniel grows up, it seems increasingly apparent that the identity of the author of his chosen book has been kept a secret. But why? Daniel must find the answers to this mystery in order to save all those involved and left behind. 


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Book recommendations!

Each month I’m going to give you 3 book recommendations. This might not last very long because I haven’t read too many books recently! But, there have been some books that have really just stayed with me, books that I feel are important to read to broaden our thoughts, or books to read simply because they made me laugh….

PC1) ‘Veronica Decides to Die’ – Paulo Coelho; The author of ‘The Alchemist’ delivers yet again some fine work. An incredible book that flirts with the realms of reality. ‘What is normal?’ A question that I’m sure at some point or another we’ve all pondered. Coelho’s words will force you to you start looking at an alternative perspective that perhaps we had not thought to look from before.


2) ‘Are You Experienced?’ – William Sutcliffe; Dave is a young man on the verge of bedding his new girlfriend. So when she decides to go backpacking across India ‘to find herself’ even against all his instincts he of course decides to follows suit. This book is an hilarious account of the trials and trepidation’s of life on the road as a young, and ever so slightly naive, backpacker. A must read for any past, present or future nomad traveller.

BE3) ‘Dead Famous’ – Ben Elton; Ten go in, only nine come out…. alive! A good fun ‘whodunnit’ page turner about a group of young mismatches all taking part in a ‘Big Brother’ style reality show. After an unthinkable crime is committed in the house join Chief Inspector Stanley Coleridge as he attempts to solve this seemingly unsolvable murder mystery. 

What am I reading at the moment?

A few days before New Years my very literate savvy brother bought for me a book that he had read and that I was becoming more and more eager to read. Many of the conversations we seemed to be having recently had all ended with Sean telling me that I have to read this book. It seemed to have answers and explanations to many of my general question’s about life.

I couldn’t put the book down to start with. Interesting fact after interesting fact. I was engrossed. It seemed to have answers in there, reasons as to why we are the way we are or feel the way that we do. The science behind it. Perhaps we are not living the lives we are genetically designed to live, we haven’t evolved at a quick enough rate in-keeping with the rapid development of man. Could this be the reason why depression is becoming so wide spread throughout the western world. Genetically we are not designed to go and sit in a giant box behind a desk, for 10 hours a day, day in day out. Possibly all of our natural instincts are being repressed, brainwashed to find pleasure through material gains, all of which we know only brings short-term joy. Simply put, are we going against nature? It’s a fascinating concept.

This book isn’t with the intention of trying to outsmart modern civilisation. It’s simply a factual book, a step-by-step look into the history of us (mankind) and who we are today. What we do with that information and the conclusions we draw from it, is down to us.


‘Sapiens, A Brief History of Humankind’ – Yuval Noah Harari

I’m only a third of the way through the book (slow reader) and finding the brain capacity these days to read is far and few between, but it’s a book I’m super excited to be reading and learning more from. I can’t wait to find out what other hidden secrets there are about us that I didn’t know, or perhaps just hadn’t thought of before. I definitely recommend everyone reading this book, just to see what conclusions you all come to.