My road to Mozambique

I leaned forward and gave him a kiss goodbye. "See you in a few weeks" - I said, and then I walked away. For the last week and a half we had been driving around Zambia. Livingstone - where he had come to meet me and we'd spent a lovely few days enjoying sundowners together overlooking…Read more My road to Mozambique

An imagery journey up through Africa

After a flight from Delhi to Mumbai, overnight in Mumbai, a flight to Addis Ababa and a 9 hour wait in the airport. A flight from Addis to Johannesburg, and lastly a flight from Jo'burg to Cape Town, I had arrived at the start of my African adventure... South Africa So after a week in…Read more An imagery journey up through Africa

My Disaster in Zanzibar

You know when you just do everything wrong! Yep, a few weeks ago that was me! I'm a pretty cautious person; always double (and sometimes triple) checking my essentials, always keeping my carry on bag on my person, locking things up, keeping monies or bank cards separate, pretty much anything I can do to insure…Read more My Disaster in Zanzibar

Chance Encounters

From the beach shores that border its lake, to the mountain peaks that overlook its share of the Great Rift Valley, if you visit you'll soon see why Malawi was the country I spent the longest amount of days in throughout my time in Africa. Like most things that tend to happen to me on…Read more Chance Encounters

Lost in the land of no wifi

Well, hopefully you've guessed it - my journey through Africa has been predominantly without wifi connection since I hit Zambia nearly a month ago... Hence the no updates or posts. But - and I know you'll all be super excited to hear this - I've hit modern civilisation again, and now have a constant supply of wifi…Read more Lost in the land of no wifi

Wineries, and braais, and steaks… Oh my!

I think I have found the home to the indulgent kindred spirit that lives within me (I say “lives within me”, but we all know it’s very flippin apparent to the outside world that I love a good bit of steak and a good glass of wine…but you know what I’m saying 😉 ). I…Read more Wineries, and braais, and steaks… Oh my!