My road to Mozambique

I leaned forward and gave him a kiss goodbye. "See you in a few weeks" - I said, and then I walked away. For the last week and a half we had been driving around Zambia. Livingstone - where he had come to meet me and we'd spent a lovely few days enjoying sundowners together overlooking…Read more My road to Mozambique

Chance Encounters

From the beach shores that border its lake, to the mountain peaks that overlook its share of the Great Rift Valley, if you visit you'll soon see why Malawi was the country I spent the longest amount of days in throughout my time in Africa. Like most things that tend to happen to me on…Read more Chance Encounters

Another Week in the Life of….

...Me 🙂 Well, as the title suggests, it's been about a week (maybe more - oops) since I've updated my travels. So what have I been up to? Firstly I spent another couple of days cycling around the hills of Munnar with the old man ("old man's" not meant literally there pop's). The third day started with…Read more Another Week in the Life of….

A little update from me!

I know it seems that the main posts I do nowadays is to keep everyone informed on our little 'Brother vs Sister' competition, this of course being THE most important and crucial page to keep updated (I'm keeping focused lol), however I do plan on starting to write more again come the New Year. I have big plans…Read more A little update from me!

Goodbye La Reunion, Hello Mauritius!

What a great day I've had! I've had my first ever helicopter flight, flying over volcanoes, canyons and waterfalls in La Reunion, and I've also arrived at a beautiful beach front hotel on Mauritius - where, I hasten to add, I've just been treated to a half hour back massage. Ah Bisto....! So as I…Read more Goodbye La Reunion, Hello Mauritius!

2 tickets to Koh Rong please

  Last night I arrived into Sihanoukville. On first impressions - not so bad. A beach resort with a good array of bars and restaurants with clearly quite a party vibe. Lots of travellers seem to have found themselves a little job; giving out flyers, promoting a particular venue, working in bars - anything to…Read more 2 tickets to Koh Rong please