Wineries, and braais, and steaks… Oh my!

I think I have found the home to the indulgent kindred spirit that lives within me (I say “lives within me”, but we all know it’s very flippin apparent to the outside world that I love a good bit of steak and a good glass of wine…but you know what I’m saying 😉 ). I…Read more Wineries, and braais, and steaks… Oh my!

The dish of the day……..

So, in keeping with my plan to learn how to cook properly, tonight I am throwing a dinner party!  This could be either really great, or, the more likelihood - a complete disgrace to the word 'cooking'! Either way, they'll be good wine and good friends - inhibitions will be lowered and embarrassing conversations will more…Read more The dish of the day……..

A great American tradition: Thanksgiving

As we all know, yesterday was Thanksgiving. And so to mark the occasion and to wish all of my beautiful family state side an amazing day (yesterday), I thought I would share with you a few words about my Thanksgiving experience last year.... But before I do, I just want to let it be known…Read more A great American tradition: Thanksgiving