Looking Back

I know we often are told not to look back, supposedly it's bad for us, but really isn't it quite nice every now and then to just pour ourselves a glass of wine (because most things in life are almost always certainly better when accompanied with a glass of wine), pull up a pew, and to take…Read more Looking Back

Where in the holy bleep am I?

I had a friend message me yesterday saying she had no idea where I was, what I was doing, or who I was with. Which got me to thinking... ...perhaps it's time for an update on my whereabouts and my goings on!   Excuses excuses... First things first let me just put it out there…Read more Where in the holy bleep am I?

What am I up to now?

...Well, I'm in Bruges!   I'm just an excitable little kid at heart... You have no idea how super excited I was yesterday morning catching the Eurostar to the continent! I mean it's silly really, all we're doing is getting a train and travelling the short 23 miles from UK to France... ...However, the idea…Read more What am I up to now?

We’ve only gone and done it!

Yes everyone...between all of you, we have reached our target of £2000!  Eeeeek...this is so exciting people, I can't believe it!! Absolutely incredible!! I am so humbled to know that you all believed in this project, from day one I have had nothing but support from everyone.... ...and now, because of all you wonderful people,…Read more We’ve only gone and done it!

Y’all are Amazing!

(I'm trying out my Southern American accent...what dya'll think?... ) Haha. Okay so this is really just a short one, I want to keep you all up to date with how we are getting on with our 'Make a Difference' project... ...So far we have reached a massive total of £1250! Which means folks that we…Read more Y’all are Amazing!

A family called ‘Kuoni’

So as most of you know, a few years back I had an opportunity presented to me to go and interview for one of the worlds Leading Luxury Tour Operator's, 'Kuoni'. So, of course, I jumped at the chance. The very same day of my interview, I got the phone call to say that I had…Read more A family called ‘Kuoni’