“The mountains were so wild and so stark and so very beautiful that I wanted to cry. I breathed in another wonderful moment to keep safe in my heart.”

– Jane Wilson-Howarth, Snowfed Mountains

This is a page dedicated to, you guessed it, me and my hiking boots. I’ll be sharing stories and notes not just from my time in the mountains, but from everywhere in the world these feet and hiking boots step, including my local adventures around my home island Britain. So keep on scrolling down to find out exactly what you might learn from me and (cringe…I’m guna say it again) my hiking boots.


Trek the Himalayas

Ever imagined what it would be like to stand below, looking up at the highest peaks in the world? To know that nothing on this earth stands higher. Have you ever wanted to wander amongst our giants, to follow in the same footsteps that our great explorers once stepped? There is nothing in this world comparable to the Great Himalaya! These were my dreams. To lose myself in the deep mountains and to set my eyes on that blessed beast Mount Everest! So in April 2016, I made that dream come true. Now, I want to help make YOUR dream come true…


It’s not everyday you’re able to have a picture taken of yourself with the epic Mount Everest immediately behind you.

I have teamed up with local trekking experts, Adventure Glacier Treks and Expeditions, in Nepal, to bring you an amazing opportunity to explore the Nepalese Himalayas. They are the same experts I used when I walked to Everest Base Camp and my experience with them was one I’ll remember forever. Together we can arrange your Himalayan trek and tailor make your time in Nepal should you wish to experience more of this stunning country. If you’re an independent traveller or part of a group it doesn’t matter, we will create something that’s perfect for you. We all share that same desire to walk amongst the highest peaks in the world, it was a dream of mine which I conquered. My goal now is to offer this to you! To allow you to start believing that it is a possibility….

Still interested? Awesome… 




Nepal is the land of hikes and treks. There are hundreds of different trails that weave their way through the mountains and into the clouds. If Everest isn’t the one for you and you’re looking for a bit of help and advice choosing which one is, then contact me with all your questions and queries and let’s get started…



Did you know…

Yes folks…. believe it or not, the mountains have not always featured a conveniently tarmacked strip of land from which airplanes are able to take off and land. Also… there has not always been airplanes!! (I know right… mind blown) – So how did our once great explorers start their long journey to the base, or summit, of the highest mountain in the world? 
They walked! Huzzah!
Nowadays the starting point of this famous journey is more favoured from Lukla, the once quiet mountain village (now busy and bustly, full of guesthouses and hiking shops) that sits at just over 2800m high. Lukla sees thousands of hikers from all over the world come and go each year. It’s the first place they see from their adventure, and it’s the last. The tiny airstrip, that falls at a slight tilt on the edge of the mountain side, has become widely  known as one of the most dangerous airstrips in the world. But it is the gateway into this magical mountain kingdom.
However, did you know, that if you have an additional week to add on to your already epic journey, you could actually hike to the starting point. The sleepy mountain village of Jiri sits oh so slightly above the clouds (on a cloudy day) at 1905 meters above sea level, and is a 6 or 7 day hike (depending on your skills) away from Lukla. The altitude is lower but don’t be fooled, the trek is hard! A constant flow of solid ascents swiftly followed by an equally gruelling descent. And so on and so forth until you finally hit Phakding (slightly beyond Lukla) at 3000 meters. That’s only a difference of roughly 1000m in just a week, in the foothills of the Himilaya, so you can imagine the intensity  of the hikes up and the hikes down. The highest point of this trek is the Lamjura Pass on day four, at 3500 meters. It’s tough but the rewards our huge. You get to hike parts of Nepal that our once great explorers once hiked. You’ll get to see parts of Nepal that rarely attracts much tourism nowadays, and you will receive invaluable acclimatisation not only to the altitude but also to your new surroundings.