Where in the holy bleep am I?

I had a friend message me yesterday saying she had no idea where I was, what I was doing, or who I was with. Which got me to thinking... ...perhaps it's time for an update on my whereabouts and my goings on!   Excuses excuses... First things first let me just put it out there…Read more Where in the holy bleep am I?

A ‘Pre-Adventure’ Adventure

Thoughts... It's become bog standard protocol to want to get to wherever it is we're heading to in as quick a time as viably possible, hasn't it? I mean, this is no bad thing really, I guess. Of course we all have our (busy) lives we're leading and usually a time schedule that we're leading them…Read more A ‘Pre-Adventure’ Adventure

Lost in the land of no wifi

Well, hopefully you've guessed it - my journey through Africa has been predominantly without wifi connection since I hit Zambia nearly a month ago... Hence the no updates or posts. But - and I know you'll all be super excited to hear this - I've hit modern civilisation again, and now have a constant supply of wifi…Read more Lost in the land of no wifi