Where in the holy bleep am I?

I had a friend message me yesterday saying she had no idea where I was, what I was doing, or who I was with. Which got me to thinking... ...perhaps it's time for an update on my whereabouts and my goings on!   Excuses excuses... First things first let me just put it out there…Read more Where in the holy bleep am I?

A New Year A New Wish List

It's that time of year again folks where we start to think about what the next twelve months might look like for us. I love this time of year because it makes me feel reflective for the year I've just had; grateful for the good bits (there's been a hundred) and wiser for the bits I probably…Read more A New Year A New Wish List

Some Pics of my time hiking to Everest Base Camp

Sometimes there simply are no words. So maybe some pictures will help to understand just what it's like when walking amongst some of the worlds highest peaks.... Enjoy 🙂 From Jiri to the starting line: I had time on my hands and a dream to walk throughout the mountains to fulfill. So instead of flying…Read more Some Pics of my time hiking to Everest Base Camp

Where in the world am I now?

Well I've been back in India now for nearly three weeks, and it's been...well it's been wonderful. India is starting to feel more and more homely each time I come here. Seeing friends and spending time with Loki and his family for his sister's wedding. I'm starting to really feel a belonging here. The country…Read more Where in the world am I now?

We’ve only gone and done it!

Yes everyone...between all of you, we have reached our target of £2000!  Eeeeek...this is so exciting people, I can't believe it!! Absolutely incredible!! I am so humbled to know that you all believed in this project, from day one I have had nothing but support from everyone.... ...and now, because of all you wonderful people,…Read more We’ve only gone and done it!

Chance Encounters

From the beach shores that border its lake, to the mountain peaks that overlook its share of the Great Rift Valley, if you visit you'll soon see why Malawi was the country I spent the longest amount of days in throughout my time in Africa. Like most things that tend to happen to me on…Read more Chance Encounters