Tips and Ideas

I don’t have much to offer in this great big intellectual world… but I have had some fortunate and some unfortunate experiences along my travels, and I have tried to explore different and exciting ways of doing things and have been to some interesting places, sometimes slightly outside of the norm.

So with this in mind… I attempt to share with you some ‘Tips and Ideas’


First and foremost…

‘Don’t be precious’ – Try to make friends with ALL travel companions!



My 7 Little Tips For A Successful Road Trip Round America 

You just can’t beat that big open road. The landscape stretched out for as far as your eyes can see. There aren’t many life experiences that a good old American road trip can’t trump! Read On…


Jiri To Everest Base Camp… My Top 5 Tips To Making It Happen

Who here is guilty of sitting on an idea? Thinking…“hmm I really want to, but should I? Shouldn’t I?” We all do it, there’s no shame in it. I’m not writing this post to tell you to get up and get going (although you totally should…this trip is awesome!), I’m writing it simply to share with you the key bits of information that I feel will help you have a successful trek to Everest Base Camp, ie. to get your butt out there already! What you do with the information is up to you (do it!)


A ‘Pre-Adventure’ Adventure

Thoughts… It’s become bog standard protocol to want to get to wherever it is we’re heading to in as quick a time as viably possible, hasn’t it? I mean, this is no bad thing really, I guess. Of course we all have our (busy) lives we’re leading and usually a time schedule that we’re leading them by. Again, no real bad thing… Read on to hear more about my idea of a ‘pre-adventure’ adventure…


Today someone asked me…..

“Where has been your favourite place you’ve ever visited?” Hmmmm….