Walk With Me

This is a page dedicated to, you guessed it, me and my walking boots. I’ll be sharing stories and notes not just from my time in the mountains, but from everywhere in the world these feet and hiking boots have stepped, including my local adventures around my home island Britain. So keep on scrolling down to find out exactly where my boots have taken me.

Trek the Himalayas

Ever imagined what it would be like to stand below, looking up at the highest peaks in the world? To know that nothing on this earth stands higher. Have you ever wanted to wander amongst our giants, to follow in the same footsteps that our great explorers once stepped? There is nothing in this world comparable to the Great Himalaya! These were my dreams. To lose myself in the deep mountains and to set my eyes on that blessed beast Mount Everest! So in April 2016, I made that dream come true. 

“The mountains were so wild and so stark and so very beautiful that I wanted to cry. I breathed in another wonderful moment to keep safe in my heart.”

– Jane Wilson-Howarth, Snowfed Mountains


Jiri To Everest Base Camp… What’s It Really Like? (Part 1)

Back in 2016 I walked from Jiri to Everest Base Camp and back down to Lukla. I did this with just myself and a hired guide. Being new to trekking I hadn’t quite fancied the idea of taking a wrong turn somewhere in the mountains never to be seen again (totally would have happened if left down to me) so I decided having a guide was the wisest choice. It was one of the toughest yet most incredible experiences I’ve had to date. Now I want to share with you my thoughts on what it was actually like, the day to day existence based from my experiences and encounters. We constantly hear things like “it’s amazing, so beautiful, there’s nothing else like it!!” – and whilst yes it is all these things, it is also a moment to moment, day to day reality, which at times can be extremely tough going. Here is my take on what a trek from Jiri to Everest Base Camp is really like….


Jiri To Everest Base Camp… What’s It Really Like? (Part 2)

So here I was, about to embark on the rest of my journey. The bit where I get to test myself further, the cold, the altitude, the terrain. The bit where I actually get to be as up, close and personal to Everest as I possibly can (without climbing her that is…but that’s for another day I think). I was basically about to be blown away…


Jiri To Everest Base Camp… My Top 5 Tips To Making It Happen

Who here is guilty of sitting on an idea? Thinking…“hmm I really want to, but should I? Shouldn’t I?” We all do it, there’s no shame in it. I’m not writing this post to tell you to get up and get going (although you totally should…this trip is awesome!), I’m writing it simply to share with you the key bits of information that I feel will help you have a successful trek to Everest Base Camp, ie. to get your butt out there already! What you do with the information is up to you (do it!)


Hiking The Mardi Himal

Hi guys… So I just wanted to share with you a brief run-through and some snaps of my time hiking the Mardi Himal Trek, and to let you know how I got on…


Snaps Of Mardi Himal

A relatively new trail in the Annapurna region, so still slightly off the beaten track…just what I like. I decided to do this as a last minute trek a week after I’d finished EBC and I’m really glad that I did. Completely different to the Khumbu region this is a lot softer and I guess ‘prettier’. We did battle with chasing the clouds and the rain. Whilst you think this wouldn’t be too nice whilst trekking, it actually gave off a really cool misty  and eerie look. Enjoy these few snaps of my time among the mist and the pink flowers


A Trek With Zostel

With 17 hostels under it’s belt, Zostel‘, is India’s first chain of branded hostels located throughout the subcontinent. So far I have stayed in five of them, Jaipur, Varanasi, Agra, Delhi, and most recently, and the one I want to talk to you about today, is Zostel in Bir.


A Brush With Death (Kinda)

Taking the bus from Dhading Besi to Karkigaun, the remote mountain village where my friends Sita, Arjun, Ambir and Akash call  home, can be somewhat of a bumpy ride. This time of year though (July/August), due to the rains, the final part of the road taking us to Karkigaun is closed off to vehicles… Read on to see how I got the rest of the way…



Cor’ Blimey Britain!

The world is full of many a beautiful place from which to stretch out your legs and go exploring. Including, if not starring, this lovable and quaint little island I get to call home. As I was growing up I used to take it for granted what this small collection of countries had to offer, in fact I was point blank blind to it, always preferring to seek out far off lands. But, as is usually the case, the older I got the less moody and grumbly I became about… well a lot of things actually… but also about how much I love this island and just how beautiful it really is. Nowadays I love to spend my weekends walking in and around the beautiful countryside that sits on my doorstep (well… a few miles outside of my Swindon based doorstep). The Cotswolds and the North Wessex Downs. Or, having family in Hertfordshire and Yorkshire I get to enjoy their havenly pieces of countryside as well when I go visiting. Then, when possible a longer walk involving camping, or hosteling or airbnb’ing….


A Walk Through An English Village

Isn’t it great when the pictures of a place and the realities of the same place, are exactly spot on! I mean we’ve all entered into a destination; hotel, beach, restaurant, the kitchen of a house you’ve gone to view – and thought, “somebody somewhere has mislead me here!”  So equally, we all know what a good feeling it is when we get somewhere and whoever, or whatever, has sold you on the place, has delivered! My mum’s home village Sarratt is one of those places.


Good Grief Where Are My Walking Boots! – A Walk Around Avebury

I’m all but spent really. My Christmas days this year have been a fast paced balancing act of trying to ‘fit it all in’ whilst still attempting to uphold some level of normality! Keeping a clean home (well that didn’t happen), doing those workouts that your ever so expanding waistline is screaming at you to do (yeah right), or simply trying to act and behave like a normal human being (pass!!) All those precious moments with family and friends have spilled over into the next until all that merriment and disorderly has simply ripped at its seams and bust out into an explosion of tears, hysterics and general psychotic behaviour! Read on…